Some WhatsApp Rules For Nigerians

Some Whatsapp Rules for Nigerians
This matter concerns the broadcast messages we share all the time.

1. check for the source: Punch, premium times, BBC, CNN, Guardian, Vanguard etc…

2. Does the picture/video correlate with the incident?

3. Always confirm with a quick Google Search.

4. THINK HARD.. be logical: how can sharing a message charge your battery??

5. God does not bless/condemn people for sharing or not sharing Whatsapp messages.

6. The director of WhatsApp does not send useless messages like free upgrade, Logo changing to blue or making free WhatsApp calls.

7. Nobody distributes 3Gig Browsing data by clicking a WhatsApp link.

8. Don’t destroy a product by sharing fake news, eg., do not drink fanta because it can destroy your brain (Mirinda will gain from such news).

9. Hausa/Fulani/ Boko Haram has poisoned all apples, Onions and tomatoes destined to arrive Lagos.. Do not eat/buy…. These are malicious messages that further divide us as a nation.

10. Share the right things to the right group.

please, help keep our Media safe cos the media is more powerful than we think.
Let’s also educate our children, parents and elderly ones about fake news too.

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